Thursday, 21 October 2010

One Term Down

So in some parts of this country, the school year is split up into 3 terms, which are then divided into half term chunks. In others, such as the part I currently work in, the year is split into 6 terms, which are separated by times away from school of differing lengths.

In the former, the half term chunks are separated by 'half term holidays', which makes sense, as it is a holiday halfway through the term. In the latter, however, we find ourselves tripping over the term 'half term', as technically it is an end of term. But to celebrate an end of term only seven weeks after it began, and with only a meagre week's holiday feels a bit anticlimactic. I therefore repeatedly heard myself referring to it as 'half term', and then cringed a little bit inside, because I knew that technically it is not called that...

Thing is, the kids call it that. Every teacher I know calls it that. Only the school calendar disagrees.

Whatever it's called, I welcome it with open arms, open heart and an open bottle of wine. Hurray!

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