Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hello again.

So now it's June. June! And how are you?

So the last five months have existed, and I am still here. The last five months have been pretty good, actually. I wonder if that's why I haven't outletted (?) on here during them... Anyway, I'm going to catch you up on thoughts and things wot have happened.

  • Exam Leave
My FAVOURITE time of year is here again. This beautiful pair of words denotes luxurious expanses of Time and Quiet in which work and "work" can take place without the unhelpful disruption of Year Eleven and Sixth Form. It is why I am currently surrounded by microphones, saxophones and dictophones rather than workaphobes and faketanophiles. Bliss!

  • Engagements
EVERYONE I know is engaged. Wait, that's not true. MANY PEOPLE I know are engaged. It seems the beginning of 2013 was the time for it. Which means now I am engrossed in Remote Wedding Preparation, which is lush. It also means that I will have to invest in some more dresses suitable for weddings. OH NO WHAT A SHAME. I'm musicking at some, sort-of-bridesmaiding at others and simply attending the rest. Wicked!

  • U.L.I.P.
"U.L.I.P." - collective noun: abrv. 'Unfit Ladies In Pink'. Denotes women (usually of a certain age and build) participating in the annual sweat fest that is The Race for Life.

I'm doing the Race for Life. The last time I ran was in 2008.

  • The British Summer
When I was little, I always used to get a bit of a kick from packing for a British holiday. I'd pack my shoes on top of my bag, and slip my suncream into one of them and my umbrella into the other. "How idiosyncratic!" I'd think. "What larks, England!" (or Wales) "You're so quirky, with your heatwave one day and your hailstones the next. How hilarious you are!"

Now I find myself thinking "Rain?! But I hung my washing out this morning/last night" or "Is it frowned upon to remove one's leggings in public, if one dressed inappropriately for 30 degree sunshine?"


Right, time for me to go. I am at work, after all, and this cup of tea won't drink itself...