Thursday, 30 September 2010

On Being a Grown-Up

I know I keep going on about being a grown-up. But it's because I can't quite believe I am one.

Today I bought a tax disc. I bought a tax disc. A frigging tax disc for my car!

There are a number of good things about being a grown-up. For example, I get to live in my own (well, borrowed) house. I get to make my own decisions, and choose what to eat or not eat, when to get up or go to bed, what to watch or not watch on TV. And all the big things, like being able to vote and buy wine.

But why does no one tell you how expensive being a grown-up is? I mean, adding up everything (for starters: rent, council tax, home insurance, gas, electricity, water, TV licence, internet, car maintenance, not to mention this ridiculous masters I've just started...) makes me wonder how anyone at all can actually afford to save any money, and live life as a grown-up.

I know a few people saving money in some of the above areas by living at home. That makes a lot of financial sense. I just think I'd feel like a pseudo-grown-up if I did that. I mean, I love my parents, don't get me wrong. I just think I'd rather have a little less money and a little more independence.

So maybe that's it. Maybe I need to stop moaning, coz it is, in fact, entirely my choice. I could save and pay much less rent, no bills and no council tax etc, but I have chosen not to.

Just means I can't buy anything pretty or non-essential for a million years.

(although I did just buy a Vampire Weekend CD from Amazon which arrived today... and I also bought a pink shirt for £2.25 from a charity shop today, in preparation for Pink Friday tomorrow)

I suppose the other option is to find someone rich to marry.

Or in fact, anyone at all...

Friday, 17 September 2010

A Day in the Life

Well, now that I have a set of wheels and a motor, I suppose I won't be making the half hour meander into work every morning anymore...

No longer will I traipse sweatily up the last major hill, nor inappropriately hitch my skirt up to better manage the incline, nor admire the beauty of the perfect rose bush, nor mourn the sudden death of the perfect rose bush, nor scurry through the Dodgy Bit as quickly as my skirt will allow, nor walk awkwardly close to the person in front for a bit too long as they're not going quite quickly enough to fall behind nor slowly enough to overtake. Nor will I pass across the widest road in history that makes me feel like I'm stepping out unarmed into shark infested waters, or feel like my shoulder's going to break under the strain of my bag straps, or turn up to school with my hair in massive windblown disarray and feet everso slightly blistered.

In all, I shall miss that daily walk.

Well, let's look on the bright side. At least now I'll be fat, impoverished, overladen and lacking in vitamin D. But my hair will be straight when I get there.

And most importantly, my feet will be dry when it rains.

Hurray for having a car!

New Toy

Today I bought a car.

Not only do I have an actual job, but I own an actual car too. If I didn't know any better, I'd say I was a grown up.