Tuesday, 5 October 2010

being ill

It's official. I hate having a cold.

It's the worst kind of ill. It makes me deaf, it steals my voice, it makes my head hurt and my arms ache, it turns my nose into a shredded warpath of tissue-mauled puffiness and worst of all, it sounds pathetic.

"I have a cold" is usually greeted with some form of "yes, it's going round" or "oh, you have it too, do you?", which is basically a sugar-coated way of saying "get over it, you moaner".

Bleurgh, stupid cold.

Also, I learnt the word 'presenteeism' today. It's the opposite of 'absenteeism', and apparently is responsible for a large proportion of non-productivity in the workplace. Apparently more people should take time off and get better, because we are costing our work by being inefficient when we're in when we're ill.


Meanwhile, back in the Real World however...

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