Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I enjoy making lists. You may have noticed. Here are a few that have been floating round my mind for a while:

Things I Am Currently Enjoying:
  1. Slipper season
  2. Hardy's Crest "Cabernet-Shiraz-Merlot" (even if it does sound like it was named by someone who had no idea what they were talking about, so named it in a 'delete-as-appropriate' fashion)
  3. Saxophoning
  4. Plum coloured nail varnish
  5. Abbreviating words (aka "word abbrieve.")

Things I Currently Find Inexplicably Irritating:
  1. Cupboard doors unnecessarily being left open
  2. The way my rug drifts across my bedroom floor
  3. The boy next door who has recently passed his driving test's inability to park. (I know, who am I to talk, right? But at least I don't park DIAGONALLY across other people's drives. Sheesh.)
  4. Year 9 children.
  5. Children in my form who keep misbehaving. Well, one child. A lovely child. But a lovely child who is, apparently, constantly misbehaving. Oh, child...

Strange Things That Have Recently Happened:
  1. A middle-aged man in Tesco's car park gave me his number. Checked to see if I was married, then told me to give him a text. Weird.
  2. A year ten child at school stalks our house. Weird(o).
  3. A Twitterer who I don't (think I) know, who follows everyone I follow, has retweeted me a couple of times and who also follows GLT tweeted me directly the other day. WHO ARE YOU?! I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Weird.
  4. My form wrote and performed me a song. Two of them sort of rapping sentences about me and/or things I like, while the third sang a sort of 'Jean Genie'-esque bass riff over and over again. Nice, sure, but definitely a strange one.
  5. Some children at school were singing Number's Up at me before their lesson the other day. Again, nice-ish, but a bit odd. Worlds colliding and all that... (incidentally, our music video has over 1,200 hits on YouTube. How exciting!)

Things I Am Considering Doing But Probably Won't:
  1. Dyeing my hair (again)
  2. Getting my nose pierced
  3. Going to Germany (wish I could)
  4. Applying for a new job
  5. Moving to London

Things I Wish I Were Better At:
  1. Saxophoning
  2. Time efficiency
  3. Cooking actual meals
  4. Reacting to my nephews' and nieces' birthdays. It's not that I forget them, it's just I don't organise myself sufficiently to get anything to them in time. Soz, kids.
  5. P.D.A.

Things I Don't Do Very Well Without But Wish I Could (Do Well Without Them):
  1. My phone (I hate that I put this at the top of the list)
  2. Eyeliner (what am I? Year 9?)
  3. My inhaler (though I do actually genuinely need that one every now and then)
  4. Words of affirmation
  5. The occasional dose of medicinal Dairy Milk


There's a selection of probably not very interesting, possibly a little insightful, definitely unnecessary factoids in numerical bullet form prose. That is not a thing. "in numerical bullet form" would have probably sufficed.

Anyway, anyway. I'm going to (maybe) do some work (possibly).

In other news:

How/when did that happen...?!

Oh well.

Friday, 2 November 2012

html the third

I've had this song in my head for about a week. Don't read too much into it, it's just quite catchy...

html 2

It worked!!!


Now I am unstoppable...


I am going to do an html experiment...

Now then, has it worked...