Sunday, 8 July 2012

Blog O'clock

Absenteeism strikes again...

The last few months have passed in a flurry of gigs (both going to and playing in - of late, mostly the latter), exams (mostly (solely) preparing others there for) and general life guff.

It's coming up to Latitude season again, and I for one am HUGELY EXCITED!

(By which I mean, I'm looking forward to it a bit; it'll probably be alright.)

So, erm, turns out I have nothing really to say...

How. Dull.

Shall I share an anecdote?

Today I was in the bathroom and there was the loudest pop I have heard in quite a long time. I was plunged into darkness and silence (the light went off and the fan stopped whirring), and thought to myself, "huh, I wonder if a fuse has blown...?"

Turns out I was right. I went downstairs and flicked the switch thingy and the light worked again. Wonderful.

Shall I share another, just as high in calibre?

At last week's gig, I wore a dress (standard). I caught the train from Kettering to St Pancras, then got the Victoria Line to Stockwell. On arriving in Stockwell, I walked to the Cavendish Arms, where we were due to play. Earlier, in Kettering, I had made the decision not to wear leggings or tights, as I was determined to embrace the 'summery' evening. However, the further I walked through the estates of Stockwell, the more I realised my flimsy-dress-tightless-legs-saxophone-beladen-arms combo was not working in my favour. Many a time, the people behind me must surely have caught a glimpse of my ill-chosen underwear, and the people passing in front of me, that of my red, sweaty face.

Needless to say, by the time I arrived, the dress was more crumpled from my grabbing onto it, and my legs were more bruised by my improvised saxophone-as-dress-weight technique than I had intially intended. Immediate entry to the breezeless pub became my primary goal. Which was relatively swiftly, if a little embarrassedly, achieved.

The gig was enjoyable and the company sweet, so all was resolved.

There now; aren't you glad I'm back blogging?!

Next time (in August?), I may have more tales to share, just as enticing. Hold your breath!