Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Echo of Possibility

Today I met two new people. A girl who lives and works half an hour from where I live, and a guy who lives about 15 mins from where I live.

It just so happens that:

1. They both lived in Nottingham at some point in their lives
2. They both went to Trent Vineyard at some point in their lives
3. They both live in the same area-ish as me now
4. They are both new to the same church I am new to

Methinks there may be some possibility of these two people becoming my friends.

I really really hope so.

I don't know how old either of them are (I have a feeling I am the eldest), or what their general situation in life is, but I am excited about the possibility of having some local-ish friends, who seem to be coming from a similar point as the one I am coming from.

Also, I dyed my hair on Friday. It is now the colour of 'spiced chocolate', apparently. I respected the development time to the max, in fact to the point of not leaving it in quite as long as the box suggested, and the result is that it is darker, but not oppressively so. And it is all one colour again. Hurray!

Before: (a dodgy dirty accidental sort-of-blonde)

After: an all-one-colour warmer brown (ok, it looks a bit more different in reality)

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