Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Worker's Lament

I am shockingly easily distracted.

I had put today aside for hardcore thesis writing, and so far, I've written an average of about fifty words per hour (more or less). That, my friends, is shocking.

I have been mostly distracted by:
- Royal Wedding photos
- Royal Wedding news items
- Royal Wedding party pictures
- Royal Wedding cake (not the actual one, but a pretty darn delicious alternative)

and now I'm sipping Pimms, hoping that it will kick start me into essay writing. far it's working brilliantly.

Right, I would like to have some more fun during the rest of this magical bank holiday weekend, and the only way I can manage that is if I spend today DOING SOME WORK.

Right, off I go, then...

See how I go.



Wednesday, 27 April 2011


"In a year of new beginnings, dear,
How do we write the end?"

- Tom McRae

Thursday, 21 April 2011

the wrote and the writ

"Pay heed to your heart and not to your wit.
Don't say in a letter what you can't in my ear."

- Johnny Flynn

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

a day like today

Sunshine... Sisters... Spontaneity...

Today I didn't:
- buy a flymo
- write loads of my essay
- eat breakfast
- get bored

Instead I:
- went for lunch(/brunch)
- ate ice cream
- sat in the sunshine
- wandered about Northampton a bit
- didn't get lost

Then I:
- read some of an intellectual-sounding book that I almost (/mostly) understand
- bought some middle class food products from the Co-op
- snacked on pistachios and pretended oat cakes, white grapes and wensleydale (with cranberry) count as a meal
- drank port and watched (500) Days of Summer (first viewing in season! how exciting!)
- wrote a couple of hundred words of my thesis
- didn't have a nap

Now I shall:
- go to bed.
- (but first finish my port)

A good day.

(NB. it is now 23:54 - nearly an hour later. You know what I didn't do... go to bed. Instead I wrote more of my essay. What a weirdo. Thing is, it's WELL waffle-y (in a 'too-many-words' sort of way, rather than a 'sweet-delicious-American-breakfast-product' sort of way) but I'm not sure quite how to rectify this just yet. Still, words on paper. At the moment, that's my main aim...

Also, I still haven't finished my port. It's not that it's a massive glass, just that I am a slow port drinker. Which is a good thing. Yes.)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Song for the Weary

Here I am, once again,
With the same request.
Here I am, once again,
With the same heart in the same mess.

Is this boring you?
Should I change my tune,
And play a different refrain?

How much longer should I
Bring this same-old cry
Before it's time to change?

Here I am, once again,
Holding on to you.
Here I am, once again,
Holding onto your truth.

Am I boring you?
Should I change my tune
And play a different refrain?

How much longer should I
Bring this same-old cry
Before it's time to change?

How much longer must I
Bring this same-old cry,
And watch everything still remain?

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

12 % remaining

Ok, so my laptop battery is probably going to die any minute.

But here we are - on the cusp of another end of term.

The sun is shining, the kids are (admittedly a little coursework-harrassed but generally) relaxed and happy, and there is time for sleeping just around the riverbend.

(10% remaining)

I am going to revel in the delights of bed o'clock, and sleep now until the cruel 06:12 alarm awakens me with its mocking jollity.

Til then.


Friday, 1 April 2011

Starting a Revolution

Take a handful of musicians, one amazing artist and a selection of keen-o teachers with a vision... throw them together, one mild evening in March. Blend gently. Add a spattering of roses for aesthetic effect, and sit back and enjoy.

What an evening!

Art Unplugged saw singers who had never sung in public before, composers whose work had never been heard before and art and crafts people who had never before been acknowledged.

It also saw about 60 members of the audience, many proud (and tearful) parents, and over £320 in funds raised for the world challenge expedition to Tanzania.

My favourite moment of the evening was when the third act began - one year 12 boy (the one with the quote on this post) - and his grandmother leaned over to whisper to my friend, "That's my grandson, that is".

'wreathed with smiles' is the poetic term that sums up the evening, I believe.


What I also love is the fact that my year 9 form are already planning on auditioning for it next year, senior leadership are pushing for a lower school lunchtime version next Thursday, and other members of staff are asking for a summer edition.

Good work, team.

I. Loved. It.

Yeah man.

(Oh, also, I think my form are planning to change the world, starting with uniform. They are formulating petitions to change the uniform, and constructing cake stalls to raise money to fix a well in Africa, and regenerating the way communication occurs between staff members. They are on a roll! Good work, 9RE.)