Thursday, 25 October 2012

Monday, 22 October 2012

A Minor Illness

My lack of voice has turned from being slightly husky and feeling pleasantly used, to the much less glamorous feeling of just being raw and inflamed.

I've been instructed not to talk too much and definitely not to sing. That could prove difficult, especially as both of those things are not only essentially my job, but also things I like to do most of the time anyway...

So I'll do my best, Minor Illnesses Nurse Lady.

On a different note, whilst calling it a "minor illness" is probably the most accurate description, it does make me feel a little fraudulent for taking the day off. Or just like a massive wimp.

But it really hurts!

I promise.

Swear down.


Sunday, 21 October 2012


I heart weekends.

Like, really heart them.

"to heart" is not a verb.

I don't care.

So last week was not fun. Not in any way.

For the most part, I felt like I was drowning in lack-of-free-time-and-breathing-space and being suffocated by (in)explicable melancholy. My ears hurt when I'm sad. I mean, it feels like there is actual tangible melancholy pressing into my eardrums.
Is that weird?
It is a bit.
Never mind.

BUT then...

The glorious golden weekend arrived in all its glittering beauty, and my oh my was it a goodun.

On Friday eve, we had a gig in Northampton. I have never played in Northampton, and to be fair, we have definitely sounded better. (To be fairer, we did not sound terrible. Not entirely, anyway. We have just sounded better... Anyway...). It was a good evening!

A couple of wonderful friends came to watch, and after a bit of shoulder twitching, toe-tapping and beer drinking, we headed dance-wards for a bit of a (loud) Northampton-based boogie.

It was wicked. Especially if you ignore the fact my shoes and hair got covered in other people's beverages. (Put them in the wash, they'll be grand.)

So rough-voiced and a little bleary-eyed, the next morning (/afternoon) the Wonderful Friends and I replenished all the calories we had burnt off through our boogying (and perhaps added a few extra ones) with a hearty meat-based breakfast/brunch, whilst being serenaded by a local bagpipe band. As to be expected on a sunny Saturday morning/afternoon in Northampton...

Rarely has tea tasted so delicious.

We meandered around N-town a little, taste-tested a selection of choice orange juices, and headed home for another cup of tea.

After a fleeting return to Ketters, I was swiftly back in the Other Side of Northants for a practice followed by more calorie replacing. I definitely should have danced more vigorously.

And then today, I have lazily life-laundered (and, incidentally, actual-laundered) and am now settling down to get some half-decent lessons sorted for my definitely-decent students tomorrow. Mondays are my best days, lesson-wise - I also heart year 10 and year 12.

Anyway, now my jaw aches from too much saxophoning, and my fingertips ache from too much guitaring, and I have no voice from too much singing.

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Roll on next weekend!