Monday, 18 October 2010

The Magic of Almonds

I came home feeling cross and irritable today.

This is partly because there was an element of not-quite-right in all of my lessons today. I either didn't communicate as effectively as I'd have liked, or the kids weren't stimulated in the way I'd imagined, or some other slightly dissatisfying occurrence.

Then we had band, and played boring pieces of music, and I didn't even play them well. This made me miss Wind Orchestra (Notts) and the fact I used to be quite good at the flute.

Then I got home, feeling grumpy and dissatisfied.

Then I realised I might be hungry, and I get really short-tempered when I'm hungry. So I put Jeff Buckley on, very loudly, made a cup of tea and ate the only snack-y thing I have in my cupboards at the moment, which happen to be a bag of almonds. Half a bag later, I am feeling much more rational and far less angry with the world.

Also, it's half term next week, and I am SO ready for it, despite it sort of feeling like we've only just started at school after the summer.

Plus, I am planning on visiting Tesco late this evening. I find supermarkets much more enticing when it's dark outside. (also, I nearly have no milk and would like some for my breakfast in the morning. I'm not just going because they're enticing places to go to. They're not that enticing...)

Anyway, that's not very interesting.

I think I'll have another cup of tea.

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