Sunday, 30 October 2011

I require your assistance

Dear Lucy, Lottie, Linnet and other friends of mine who stumble across this occasionally (whose names perhaps also begin with 'L' (not yours, Rachel Rose)),

Re. Point 1 in the post below.

I have concocted a plan. It is not really thought through at all, and probably simultaneously a bit pitiful and perhaps a bit difficult. The plan is basically as follows:

"I am not going to buy any more items of superfluous clothing, jewellery or shoes for the remainder of 2011."

(I've slipped the 'superfluous' in there, just in case there's a massive accident with an invaluable item, such as underwear or my Good(-ish) Work Trousers or whatever)

The help I need from you is really simply to be aware that this is my plan, and so to pour scorn on me if I break it, and to whisper little words of encouragement as the year progresses.

(I'm aware there are only 2 months left of 2011, and Not Buying Any More Clothes I Don't Need Anyway is hardly the most noble of gestures a person can make, but still...)

I should probably also decide to give the superfluous (is that even spelt correctly?) clothes I already own away, or to have a 'one in - one out' policy (hey, maybe I will start that... in the new year, of course...), and other nobler things, but this is a start, right?

Anyway. Is that ok? Scorn pouring and whispering all right with you?



  1. I have a better plan: if you manage to not buy anything superfluous, come Christmas time I will buy you something extremely superfluous as a reward (having been pointed in the right direction by you). If you don't manage it, no reward!

  2. Consider yourself under my watchful eye!

    I also whole heartedly recommend a total wardrobe overhaul. Get rid of anything you don't wear or don't like! Be ruthless! Send stuff to Oxfam willy nilly! Be charitable and feel frickin GOOD! AND you may discover old clothes which you'd forgotten about, which will be handy for the autumnal austerity! :)