Saturday, 29 October 2011

Beauty Sleep

"U.G.L.Y. You ain't got no alibi, you ugly (hey hey) you ugly!"

This song has been floating round my head for a while now. Probably something to do with the fact I am having to sleep with a strip of plastic across my nose, and antiseptic cream on my face while my bunged up face refuses to de-bung and continues to get sore-er in the process. Yeugh.

I've been on the brink of feeling sorry for myself the last couple of days (I nearly cried when Jamie Oliver made a "pie to propose over" this eve) but I've had so many moments of loveliness that I've managed not to.

For example:
- the red-orange leaves on the trees at the moment are completely beautiful
- my nephews and nieces and their eagerness for reading and chess playing, and their willingness to let me hug them
- Marvel comic pyjama bottoms
- folk singers and past teachers who remembered me
- my (ex-)housemate's washing powder on their spare duvet

Lots more besides. Absolutely no ugly thoughts allowed. (or is that 'no ugly thoughts aloud'?)

Anyway, I'm off to catch me an extra hour's beauty sleep. Yes!

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