Tuesday, 4 October 2011



I am tired.

So at the moment, there are no free lunchtimes, I am in school til late o'clock far more often than I ever have been, and today was Open Evening.

I missed it last year, due to being ill. That was convenient.

Still, it was good tonight.

You know what, though - it's a bit (a lot) like a slightly misleading sales pitch, whereby you big up all the good stuff, and gloss over the less good stuff. Like, "there are loads of instruments you can have a go on, like these drums over here, and the guitars next door, and the keyboards along here" (subtext: "you'll have a go on the drums for approx. 2 mins during your entire time here, and later if you touch them, you'll probably be told to leave them alone; the guitars look pretty good hanging up in the other room and because they're in the other room, it means you probably won't get to play them much, if at all, and if they break, we never really fix them. Keyboards, however... learn to love em.")

Like the GCSE, when you hear about salsa and club and disco and African a capella and all the good stuff... and then you spend your days sitting staring at a screen, writing down facts about all these interesting music styles that we are hardly equipped to perform.

Still, I'm trying to rectify that one by doing less staring and more doing. (which I don't know why I didn't do before, anyway... far more interesting that way)

Anyway, I need to plan some lessons for tomorrow.

I am TIRED and my head is spinning. Not literally. That would be weird.


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