Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Bleurgh Surge

Today I feel a bit sad.


(one of my year 7s used the word 'melancholy' the other day. I was impressed)

I'm pretty sure it's because I am very very massively tired, and 7pm this evening marked the end of a pretty high level stress full week (not counting the 5 hours of teaching I've only half prepared for tomorrow), so I'm kind of experiencing that post-stress surge of bleurgh.

It's possibly also because I haven't eaten proper food since Tuesday evening. I mean, I have eaten food, but it's mostly been cornflakes (I've run out of substantial cereal), school sandwiches (which are actually pretty good. Today I thought I was buying a wholemeal baguette filled with turkey with some delicious stuffing type stuff. I was wrong. Thankfully, I like brie, cranberry and leaf. So not bad - although yesterday's was a ciabatta mostly filled with onion, which is not ideal), and Dairy Milk.

So I think I will go and eat something cooked, and a bit meaty. Possibly.

So anyway, farewell Ofsted. Thank you for your disinterest, and bizarre probing questions, I hope you were impressed.


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