Sunday, 14 November 2010

Notes from the Periphery

I feel like I should write a novel with this as its title.

I feel like my whole life, stuff has happened around me, unstoppable and unimpacted by anything I myself have done.

I feel like I am watching the world and my life disappear, with me as an onlooker, making the occasional comment, or decision that partially deflects its path one way or another.

I see my friends grow, move and change, and I see my family expand and age, and then here I stand, in a stagnant bubble of solitude, contributing nothing of value, and goallessly bumbling along, blindly bouncing off times and places, making no impact on anyone or anything.

Life on the periphery. Not as edgy as it sounds.


  1. Firstly, I think everyone feels like this sometimes.

    Secondly, you have made a huge impact on me.

  2. Elly you big banana, you're my inspiration when I feel rubbish. You move gracefully through your life impacting everyone you meet and making huge lasting impresions with your wonderfulness.