Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Few Good Things

Some good stuff has happened this week.

Um, let me just remember what they were...


1. We have created a 'staff band'. We are called 'Staff/Band'. (or 'Staff:Band'. the specifics are still undecided). Mostly, we sit around saying 'umm, do you know what we could play?' and things like that, but sometimes we play stuff. Like I-vi-IV-V chord patterns, and the 12-bar blues. Then we play two or three chords from actual songs, and when we forget what comes next, we just repeat the bits we do know. We are gonna be BIG.

2. We didn't have Ofsted

3. The year 12s heard me playing a song I had composed (I set myself the same task I had set them), and all came in saying 'play it again! play it again!' and then bowed down to my superiority. Literally. (bless them)

4. The department has been overflowing with music-making children, and I LOVE IT! Especially the little group of year 8s that started off as two slightly surly girls, and has somehow expanded into a massive cohort of composing soul singers. A-mazing.

5. I have been remembering how to play the guitar. Well, sort of...

6. The soup I made has lasted 3 meals, and is delicious, despite being an odd consistency and looking a little bit the colour of baby poo.

I think that will do.

I'm now going to go and eat the third portion of soup. Possibly with some delicious toast. And some port. (not too much, though - I don't wish to become gout-y)

Hurray :-)

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