Thursday, 11 November 2010


...I have been on a CD-buying spending spree.

I am currently listening to:
- Laura Marling, "Alas, I cannot swim" (I went backwards with this one, buying "I speak..." first)
- The xx, "xx" (it kept being recommended, so I listened to it, liked it, purchased it)
- Antony & The Johnsons, "Swanlights" (it has Bjork on it too! Double whammy)

- I have also bought (on a slight impulse), Peggy Sue, "Fossils and Other Phantoms", because a track from it ("February Snow", to be precise) came up on, and I liked it. So it's on its way. Woo hoo!

- I am also expecting any day now (which I forgot about, til I checked) Foals, "Antidotes", because I heard a track or two, and also liked it, so also bought it.

Amazon love me.

(also, I have just seen a CD entitled "Man Alive"... I want it, just for the name. Man alive, I do.)

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