Tuesday, 22 March 2011

You can lead a horse to water...

But you can't get it to buy tickets.

So, we're organising an acoustic evening at school... and perhaps I'm bad at marketing (I am), or perhaps there hasn't been enough detail sent out (there hasn't), or maybe the staff/students/parents don't like acoustic evenings (you'd think they would). Maybe they don't know what acoustic music is. Or perhaps they do, but they don't want to pay £3.50 to listen to it... or something.

Either way, we have sold a grand total of 0 tickets so far. Which makes me a bit sad.

I think I need to rope in my good-looking year 12 boys to sell the tickets. Two slightly worse-for-wear, feeling-a-bit-ill members of staff sitting in the cold corridor, outside an assistant head's office like naughty teenagers, with a couple of flyers and a bowl of pasta doesn't really seem to do it...

Come on, school. Let's show some interest, please!

Right, tomorrow we shall come up with a magical plan of action. And it will involve students selling tickets. And other students buying them. And all will be well.


Also, I accidentally went to school with a face like a year 9 today. Foundation only up to the edges, that didn't really blend with the colour of my neck or scalp, creating a curiously off-peach mask-like effect.

Not ideal.

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