Thursday, 1 July 2010

New month, new start...

The number of times I have used that phrase this year (probably about 7...) is a bit ridiculous. Every month, there seems to have been a need for life re-assessing, slate wiping and attitude adjustment. This month, I am pleased to say, feels like it could be a joyous one...

June was not.

Let's leave it at that.

July sings of all sorts of joys:
- the end of term
- Latitude festival
- New Wine
- The End of Term
- Rach's hen do
- new house (hopefully)

and many other things besides (not to mention the end of term), so I am EXCITED by the prospect of this month's new start. Bring. It. On.

Also, might I add, today year 9 actually did some work. I couldn't believe it! They were even a little bit pleasant! (don't tell them I said this, or they'll stop) Well done, year 9. Tomorrow, I am branching out of the standard music lesson formula and we're going samba crazy. The year 8s won't know what's hit them! (I promise I mean that figuratively)

Anyway, hello July. Hello

The end.

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