Friday, 2 July 2010

Le Weekend

Is it wrong to be drinking rosé at 4:28pm?

Today I am massively exhausted. But it's a good sort of exhausted - the sort that comes with prancing round a classroom with a whistle and a cow bell and 30 samba-playing thirteen-year-olds. It's a far better sort of exhausted than the weary sort.

Yesterday, we were discussing 'joy'. More solid than 'happiness', less fleeting than a good mood - this elusive fruit created some interesting food for thought. What brings joy? What's the point of joy? Can you experience it on your own?

I'm sorry to say, I was a bit of a grouch. But at least I wasn't at the 'love' discussion last week. My "I don't believe in love" philosophy may not have gone down too well...

Anyway, my shoes are off, my legs are out and my vino calling out to be drunk.

Hello weekend :-)


  1. Nothing whatsoever wrong with drinking wine at 4:28pm on a hot Friday afternoon near the end of term my lovely. And well done with your samba-ing! Mine seem to mostly enjoy it as well but won't be quiet long enough to get very far :(

  2. Lottie! Hello!
    How lovely to bump into you here :-)