Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Other

Good Things That Happened Today:
  • Two members of my form (two of the ones who wrote the song for me in this post) gave me a birthday present in the form of a Teddy Bear. (Southfield tradition is to bring one in for Children in Need Day, and they were aghast that I didn't own one...)
  • I found a packet of Magic Stars in my drawer at work (I suspect they were a gift from my housemate - thanks, housie)
  • The 'Word of the Week' is effervescent. It's a goodun.
  • I wasn't late for work

Bad Things That Happened Today:
  • I discovered my new car has been driven into, hugely denting the driver's door. No, they didn't leave a note. Yes, I was on the road, but I was up on the curb as out of the way as I could be.
  • I have been told we are not allowed to run A level music next year, as the (school? county? government?) are requesting a minimum of 9 students per course, and that NEVER happens for music. Well, except once.
  • I am probably going to have some sort of reduced timetable next year, or reduced job, or increased hours of teaching Not Music, due to the above.
  • I rang the doctor to sort out a reduced hours return to work - she isn't in til Thurs, and the receptionist was in a really loud environment, both of which stressed me out. Disproportionately so, admittedly.
  • It is massively icy

Other Things That Happened Today:
  • I'm currently watching Batman: The Wail of the Siren. It's a bit ridiculous. I haven't decided if it's in a good way or a bad way yet...
  • This, however, is definitely excellent:

Thank you, Alfred.

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