Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Actual Reasons Why People Don't Text Back:
  1. They are busy doing Very Important Things (like work and meetings)
  2. They are in the shower
  3. They are eating dinner
  4. They are sleeping
  5. They are driving
  6. They are travelling, and signal has cut out
  7. They are without signal in general
  8. They have run out of credit/free texts
  9. They are having a real conversation with someone else, and realise it's rude to text and talk
  10. Their phone has run out of battery

Reasons In My Head Why People Don't Text Back:
  1. I have said something so mundane, it's not worth replying to
  2. I have said something a bit weird, and they are too weirded out to reply
  3. I have accidentally said something that has angered them beyond belief
  4. They are having far too much fun elsewhere and it would be far too dull to reply
  5. They have been mugged
  6. They are in mortal peril
  7. They are dead in a ditch
  8. They are far too busy and important to reply; replying is a huge inconvenience to them and I should probably just leave them alone
  9. They are slowly phasing me out of their life
  10. Replying is for plebs. Cool people don't bother.

In other news:
  • I smashed my car into the school gates today
  • Smashed is a very emotive word
  • I scraped the side of my car on the school gates today
  • My car is ok
  • Mumford & Sons released their second album yesterday, and I love it
  • I'm not ashamed that I love the Mumford & Sons second album, despite relatively negative reception among my colleagues
  • The heating is on
  • I'm wearing almost entirely mint green
  • I don't particularly like the colour mint green
  • Today I ate a Freddo. It was delicious.

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