Thursday, 20 September 2012

A World of Meh

So the last few weeks have been excellent.

I mean - going back to work has actually been ok, we've had a couple of wicked gigs, I've met some brilliant new people; life has been peachy.

This week, however, I feel completely and totally rubbish.

It's as if everything I've tried to do or say this week has come out not quite right, and I seem to have run out of resilience.


In other news, I've been writing songs for Alice in Wonderland - so far, I have approx 10 and 2 halves. They're ace.

Well, I've enjoyed writing them, anyway.

Also, this term, we have started running a funk/soul band. So far we've mostly been singing Brown Eyed Girl, which I don't really class as either funk or soul, but it's what the guitar teacher had the chords for, and it's sounding pretty good. Next week, let's get onto some Aretha, please. Or some Stevie.

(Although at present, the wind section is two saxes, one of whom is me. We clash with brass ensemble, and I've been expressly told I'm not allowed to use any brass players (/told off for even suggesting it))

Right, anyway. I feel like poo, so am going to go to Tesco and find some Dairy Milk and maybe some wine. Then I'm going to buy lots of both, and consume all of it. Maybe.


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