Tuesday, 10 January 2012

From Russia With Love

So I just looked at the stats of this blog - apparently lots of views come from Russia... I have to say, that surprised me. But in a good way.

So, hello, Russia :-)

Right now, I'm sitting in my bed, listening to Cleo Laine and John Williams on vinyl. It is SUBLIME. Her voice is wonderful. His playing is lush. BEAUTIFUL.

I just watched the film An Education. I had never seen it, but the sister of my friend plays the cello in it, so I wanted to partly for that reason, but also because it was supposed to be a good film.

It is a good film.

It has made me desire to go to Paris, to be knowledgable about art and to look beautiful. (and to get to know a man before deciding to marry him.)

It has made me desire living in a beautiful home, with pictures on the walls and postcards in the hallways, and to go to jazz clubs, and drink Martinis. I don't even know what a Martini tastes like.

I also read One Day over Christmas, which also includes a little reference to Paris.

What IS it about Paris? Do people there really only wear black clothes and Chanel perfume and drink Moet et Chandon for breakfast? Do they really walk down the Champs-Elysées and waltz in the street and make flamboyant gestures of romance?

Truth is, I think they must. Why else would all films and books represent it as such? Otherwise, that's just false advertising.

Anyway, enough pining after Paris (I said that in a French accent. You can't tell, because I typed it.) I am going to turn over Cleo and John, and allow them to serenade me to sleep (I bet they have people who do that in Paris, too).

I can feel a cold creeping up on me, so I'm going to fight it with sleep and tea and other magical methods.


(goodnight, Russia xx)

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  1. They do waltz in the street. I have seen it, on the banks of the seine very late at night. You should go. You'd never want to come back.x