Monday, 18 July 2011

Operation Elly

My friend asked me recently, "when is Operation Elly going to start?"

What he meant was, "when am I going to take charge of my life, and start doing something big and exciting that I am passionate about"?

My reactions were as follows:
- Wait, what's wrong with the life I have?
- Flip, he's right - I don't have a life. Man, I don't even have a life plan. Geez, what is the plan??
- I love that he thinks I can do big stuff with my life, but I actually love teaching at the moment - is that so bad?
- My life is a bit stale at times, and I do often get the "I need an adventure" feeling...

So basically, I have no idea what to do with my life. I would love an adventure. Like a move to a foreign country, or even to a city - London, or even back to Nottingham. I do miss the sociability of cities.

I also am constantly aware that it is difficult to meet people in a small town, so moving away could be beneficial in that sense too. I'm also aware, however, that my CV is a bit bitty at the moment, and I need to solidify teaching at least for another year or maybe two.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.

Now I need to do some work.



  1. This is the plan:

    1. One more year at Current School
    2. Move to LONDON!!!
    3. Job at nice school in London (or a scary one like mine if you really want)
    4. Find an amazing church, go to lots of amazing cultural events, hang out with me, have a brilliant time.


  2. I like Lottie's plan for you.
    I'd visit you lots in London :-)