Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Worker's Lament

I am shockingly easily distracted.

I had put today aside for hardcore thesis writing, and so far, I've written an average of about fifty words per hour (more or less). That, my friends, is shocking.

I have been mostly distracted by:
- Royal Wedding photos
- Royal Wedding news items
- Royal Wedding party pictures
- Royal Wedding cake (not the actual one, but a pretty darn delicious alternative)

and now I'm sipping Pimms, hoping that it will kick start me into essay writing. far it's working brilliantly.

Right, I would like to have some more fun during the rest of this magical bank holiday weekend, and the only way I can manage that is if I spend today DOING SOME WORK.

Right, off I go, then...

See how I go.



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