Wednesday, 20 April 2011

a day like today

Sunshine... Sisters... Spontaneity...

Today I didn't:
- buy a flymo
- write loads of my essay
- eat breakfast
- get bored

Instead I:
- went for lunch(/brunch)
- ate ice cream
- sat in the sunshine
- wandered about Northampton a bit
- didn't get lost

Then I:
- read some of an intellectual-sounding book that I almost (/mostly) understand
- bought some middle class food products from the Co-op
- snacked on pistachios and pretended oat cakes, white grapes and wensleydale (with cranberry) count as a meal
- drank port and watched (500) Days of Summer (first viewing in season! how exciting!)
- wrote a couple of hundred words of my thesis
- didn't have a nap

Now I shall:
- go to bed.
- (but first finish my port)

A good day.

(NB. it is now 23:54 - nearly an hour later. You know what I didn't do... go to bed. Instead I wrote more of my essay. What a weirdo. Thing is, it's WELL waffle-y (in a 'too-many-words' sort of way, rather than a 'sweet-delicious-American-breakfast-product' sort of way) but I'm not sure quite how to rectify this just yet. Still, words on paper. At the moment, that's my main aim...

Also, I still haven't finished my port. It's not that it's a massive glass, just that I am a slow port drinker. Which is a good thing. Yes.)

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