Monday, 14 February 2011


I'd love to have something really profound and interesting to say on here.

I'm sure if I thought hard enough, I would.

As it stands, I'm afraid all my head is currently full of is pending gamelan experimentation (work), 'refrain' flags (work), how beautiful the song 'Poor Man's Son' by Kris Drever is, and how beautiful my happy friend Vic looked on her wedding day on Saturday.

[Which, by the way, was an amazing day. I've honestly never seen such a radiant bride (except maybe Rach last summer). She was the epitome of 'glowing', the whole day; smiling and completely relaxed next to her grinning, uber-proud husband. There was music (of course - it was Vic's wedding after all), dancing (lots of it), food, Irish people, beautiful dresses, curls, flowers, ribbons and love.]

Maybe I could talk about St. Valentine and the day it is today. But I am not very good at that - I spend the day either completely unaware of the 'holiday', a bit sad about the whole thing, or a bit bitter about the whole thing. And then I realise how much nicer it would be if I could just feel happy about the whole thing. You know, happy for those who have been made happy today by someone who loves them.

(I realised something today - I am quite a selfish person.
I tell you what, it's not very nice to realise that about yourself.
Maybe blogging makes it worse. I have an entire aether of ego to fill.)

Maybe it's about time I shared my living space with someone else - make me become more considerate of other people, and less inward-looking...

On another mundane boring note of disinterest - I'm going to go to bed now. Sometimes I get melancholy and tiredness confused, so I'm going to get some sleep, and hope for the best.


"the elusion of hope"...

isn't there a book with that title?

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