Sunday, 27 February 2011

Disaster Averted...

After a lovely week of visiting and coffeeing and chatting, I came home today to do all the work I hadn't done over half term.

It was all going ok, (well, I wasn't doing any work, but everything was working fine) but then all of a sudden I think I clicked something, or selected something, or did SOMETHING and my computer was completely taken over by a hideous debilitating virus.


Like, at all.

(actually, that's a fib - somehow Facebook was still mostly working. I think the security on that site must be immense)

But none of my files opened, none of the other websites (ie antivirus ones) were working, the disk drive was defunct and the desktop picture destroyed.

Slight (major) panic...

Superdad came round with a selection of ancient antivirus disks, but to no avail. Superscott came up with all sorts of antivirus website addresses, but I could use none of them.

I felt a little bit silly doing it, but I prayed lots. I mean, lots. And I don't really associate God with technology. But I suppose he equipped the people who designed it with the brain power to do so, so no reason why I shouldn't... but anyway. So I also felt a bit fickle. Er, frivolous. Well, petty, I suppose. Slightly ill computers aren't really much compared to very ill people and all that.

Anyway, at one point, a message came up saying something about pressing F8 as the computer restarted (it kept shutting down of its own accord), in order to start in Safe Mode. I tried that, and then there was an option for basically going back in time, and resetting the whole system to how it was at 17:56 on Thursday. Now, I'd done a bit of thesis on Friday, but I didn't think I'd done enough to merit not trying it.

Then it reset it. Restarted. AND WORKS!! Yeah, man!

Plus, my scraps of thesis were unscathed. Hurrah! Thanks, God.
(especially for F8 and Windows Safe Mode)

He cares about the little things.
(not to mention the big things)
And for that, I am eternally grateful.

(I haven't really done much work, though, hence being computer-bound at 22:43 on a school night)

Right, I'm off to prepare a revision lesson on Duke Ellington. Er... right. Yes.

Off I go, then...


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