Sunday, 16 January 2011

Jammin' in da name of de Lord (and other stories)

What a lovely weekend.

On Friday evening, I got home from work, pottered around, cleaning, tidying, cooking old vegetables before they became completely inedible etc etc. Then one by one, two of my Nottingham housemates arrived in Ketts for to celebrate my birthday!

I didn't manage to cook for them, despite claims I would (I am an embarrassingly bad cook), but we ate pizza and garlic bread, and drank rosé and watched Sherlock Holmes, and talked and chilled out. Hard. Core.

Then on Saturday, my fake birthday day, we (I) gorged on carbohydrates (croissants, muffins, waffles) and coffee in traditional Marlborough Street Birthday Breakfast style, after which we spent nearly an hour driving around looking for a massive reservoir that should have been a) obvious and b) 20 mins away. Not ideal. Plus I ran over a pheasant. Bleurgh.

Then we found it! (the reservoir, not the pheasant) Hurray. So after a necessary re-stocking of energy (I was getting very unpleasant to be around), we walked around a bit, then used the Sat Nav to get us home again. This was followed by presents, cake and candles, and cocktails in Frankie and Benny's.

Today, I spent the afternoon at a 'Worship Jam Session' at my church - it was ace. Lots of instruments, singers and lovely people, playing a few songs all together. Loved it.


(I hope you like jammin' too)


"I will sing and make music to the Lord"
Psalm 27:6

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