Wednesday, 8 December 2010

(Christmas) Time...

I really should have done some more work this evening... In fact, some at all would have been good.

Instead, I have been sorting out all the piles of papers that have been accumulating around my house - on my desk, in my bags, up my stairs, across my floor, etc. Now I have piles of GCSE and A level text books, neat folders and recycling in my living room, which will soon be filed away.

Feelings today are a mixture of post-concert buzz, post-concert blues, Christmassy anticipation and an awareness of quite how much I have to do/get done before the end of term. I'm quite enjoying being ridiculously busy, but am also horribly aware of not having sent presents to Australia that I should have done, and neither have I properly invested as much time and energy into Christmas presents as I would have liked to.

I also really need to actually plan tomorrow's lessons now. Yes, yes I do...

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