Sunday, 22 August 2010


This week, I have...

- Loaded my life into a number of vehicles
- Split my life between three houses
- Ended my life at one house
- Begun my life at a different house (almost)
- Spent more money than I would like to dwell on
- Visited my new school
- Met up with an old old friend
- Had stitches pulled from my leg
- Spent the weekend in the Cotswolds with my ex-housemates
- Suffered two nights in a YHA dormitory surrounded by people with chronic snoring disorders, phlegmy coughs and propensity for yelling aggressively in their sleep
- and come home again completely exhausted.

I am moving into my new house very soon. HOW EXCITING!!

Now I am going to forget I am a grown-up and go and eat the dinner my mother prepared for me. Hurrah!

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