Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Heroes and Idols

Lying here in the depths of non-sleep, I find myself constructing (for reasons not really clear even to me) a list of heroes and inspirational sorts... They are roughly as follows: (note this is not exhaustive, and that they are not in any particular order. Not here, anyway. I have some sort of vague mental ranking, and they are definitely not all equally heroic or idolised, but it would take far more brain power than I can muster at the moment to try and do that justice here...)

Real Life:
- Jesus
- Gareth Malone
- Ben Lovett
- Mr Spittle (my unfortunately named yet wonderful year 8 maths teacher)
- Adele
- Oliver Sacks
- Martin Freeman
- Stephen Fry

- Sherlock Holmes
- Amélie Poulain
- Captain Jack Sparrow
- Emma Morley
- Summer Finn (though she was a bit of a phase...)
- others that had sprung to mind before writing this, whom I have now forgotten...

There you have it. A rather narrow list of people for whom I have some respect.

There are others of course. But I'm splurging what is in my head in an attempt to get it out so I can sleep.

Also, I would just like to draw attention to the fact that NO items of clothing, jewellery or footwear have been purchased by me since the end of October. I have been given a few items, but that's allowed. I think...

I didn't even over-excess on something else in their place, which I sort of thought I might...

Except for today when I bought 6 LPs. But that's like an extension of my Christmas present, so therefore is allowed. Probably.

Anyway, I should try sleeping again. Yes please.

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