Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Tomorrow I am:

- seeing the year 12s for the first time since their results and dreading it
- looking forward to having the department to myself
- going to plan some fun housewarming and other parties
- teaching a double lesson for the first time since 2009
- possibly going to the cinema.
- going to try and feel less like running away

I have a new year 7 form. They are currently pleasant if a bit timid, receptive if a bit quiet, and occasionally a bit responsive. Hurray, good work small children. You're not in Kansas anymore. Here there are hurricanes and detentions and teachers who confiscate your jewellery. Ha.

Oh, also I looked up jobs in London. Currently none that appeal. The thing is, I just keep picturing a little house with a blue door and poor d├ęcor, like in Notting Hill, and wishing I lived in it.

One day, maybe...

1 comment:

  1. Give it a chance El, early September is not normally a peak time for jobs!

    P.S I have a blue door!

    P.P.S How did it go with the year 12s?